Monica Fornengo



Born on 21 June 1959, enrolled in the Turin Bar Association since 1990.

Professional Experience

After completing her legal practice at the civil law firm of Prof. Alfredo Fedele, she worked from 1983 to 1989 with Jacobacci Casetta e Perani in Turin, acquiring interest and experience in the field of intellectual property and related contracts.

From 1989 to 2020, she was a consultant to an international group headed by a Japanese company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, with responsibility for coordinating and supervising the Group’s European companies with regard to legal and financial aspects, including balance sheet consolidation, intergroup relations and antitrust.

She served as legal and financial manager for some Italian companies belonging to the Group. She has supervised acquisitions and extraordinary operations for the Group, including transnational ones. She has been a member of several Boards of Directors in companies in Italy, France and Spain.
Since July 2020 she has been working with Studio Sindico e Associate (of Counsel)


Monica Fornengo graduated with honours from the Faculty of Law of the University of Turin.