Eugenia Tonello



Born on 11 July 1985; enrolled in the Turin Bar Association since 2014.

Professional Experience

Eugenia Tonello worked with Studio Sindico from 2012 to 2016; after a brief experience in an international law firm in Milan, she returned to work with Studio Sindico in 2018, becoming a partner of Studio Sindico and Associate in 2020.

She deals with intellectual property law and copyright, both in and out of court; she also has experience in civil law and contract law, with particular reference to contracts relating to intellectual property rights. She also works in English.

She also handles trademark oppositions before the EUIPO and domain name reassignment proceedings before the WIPO and other competent authorities.


She graduated in 2011 with honours from the Faculty of Law of the University of Turin, with a dissertation on copyright under the guidance of Prof. Marco Ricolfi. During university, in 2009, she attended a semester at Mc Gill University, Montréal (Quebec, Canada), taking and passing her exams in English.

Academic collaboration

Since 2013, she has been cooperating with the chair of Prof. Marco Ricolfi at the Faculty of Law of the University of Turin. Since 2017, she has been an Adjunct Professor at the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Turin and holds a course on intellectual property. She also has experience of teaching abroad in English.


She has worked with several journals specialized in intellectual property law; since 2015 she has been on the editing board of the journal Giurisprudenza Annotata di Diritto Industriale.